Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brain- Gain: Superfoods

Do you often forget where you kept the car keys, name of the person you met last evening or perhabs even have locked car with keys in. Then, you really need to make sure you are getting recommended seven hours of sleep, one hour of exercise and not to forget good nutrition.

Sharpen your memory with foods that sometimes didn't get noticed during the monthly grocery visit.

- Almonds: When your grandmother asked you to pop-in 5 almonds early morning little did you know it has phenylalanine- a chemical that can pass blood-brain barrier. Phenylalanine generate natural mood-boosting neurotransmitters-adrenaline and noradrenaline. Being rich in zinc and riboflavin it is known to boost memory.

- Green Tea: Catechine present in green tea along with polyphenols help you relax mentally and can boost the availability of dopamine that signals brain circuits.Antioxidant property fights against many brain disorders.

- Chocolate: Jump start your thinking with a piece of chocolate? Yes, its possible due to presence of flavanols facilitating blood supply to the brain. Caffeine and flavinols enhance focus, concentration there by increase cognitive skills.
 Icing on the cake is chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins- mood ehancing chemical.

- Fish and Flax Seeds: Omega-3 fatty acid present in these are neuro-protective and release seritonin. Seritonin is a neuro-transmitter that helps you thinker faster,sharper and smarter.

Thinking what you missed buying during this grocery visit. Include any 3 of above food to think smarter.

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