Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bursting some Weight Loss Myths!

Being from a nation obsessed with diet and dieting, we are also surrounded by various myths, unhealthy misconceptions and gimmicks.
In reality there seems to be no magical food or ways to combine foods that help you melt that extra fat. So, it becomes even more important to know the truth and science behind some of the weight loss myths.

1. Being on weight loss plan means no eating out or no socializing.
False. If you simply manage the calorie consumed you can still relish your favourite foods in moderation even on a weight loss trip.
 Tip: Simple modifications like ordering small/medium serving, not opting for extra cheese or mayo, selecting salads and sandwiches with low fat dressings like mustard, substituting soft drinks with water, coffee or fruit juice
2. High protein and low carb diet helps in losing weight.
False. A diet that focuses on high-protein foods and strictly reduces the number of cereals provides unbalanced nutrition that may yield results in the short-term only because of restricted calories, but may end up contributing to a number of health conditions. Infact carbohydrates do keep you filled and less hungry by providing valuable fiber to your digestive system.
Tip: Manage calories and not carbohydrate or cereals to lose weight. Balance protein and not exceed beyond 60-70 g of protein per day.
3. All weight loss herbal pills or supplements are safe as they are natural.
False. There is no ‘Quick Fix’ to weight loss. You might lose weight for a while after taking pills, but once you go off pills you quickly regain the lost weight. Also, caffeine and Ephedrine (banned in some countries) leads to increased metabolism but are addicted stimulants which are bad for health.
Tip: No magical pill can replace healthy eating and exercise. Follow a balanced diet as no diet pill will be effective if you shoot up the calories per day.
4. Eat once a day to lose weight.
False. Skipping meals, particularly breakfast and eating fewer meals in the day is linked to heavier weight than people who eat small meals four or five times a day, including breakfast. Initially for a week you might lose weight due to lower calorie consumption but then you would stop losing weight as body is put into starvation mode (saving calories and not consuming them).
Tip: Simply eating the same amount of calories breaking into small meals throughout the day will boost metabolism and help in weight loss.
5. More protein means more muscles.
False. Body needs a limited amount of protein for muscle building and wear-tear of tissues. And if you eat more protein than body needs, extra protein will be used to provide energy.
Tip: There is no point eating more protein diet. Body needs 1 gram of protein per kg body weight.

The best way to lose weight is by making small achievable goals in your diet and lifestyle.

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