Friday, March 30, 2012

Seeding Health!!

Seeds are a healthy and nutritious way to get much needed vitamins, minerals, fiber, and omega 3 and omega (essential fatty acids) in diet.

Being quick and easy snack the benefits of seeds can be taken through as a snack or can be added to the meals. Here’s a list of few seeds that are not just delicious but healthy.

Pumpkin Seeds: are rich in protein, fiber, potassium, zinc and vitamin K. Being a   rich source of phytosterols (plant steroids) these seeds help fight inflammation and decreases incidences of disease conditions like skin cancer, prostrate cancer. Also helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

Chia Seeds: A power filled snack rich in protein, fiber, calcium and essentially fatty acids (omega-3 and 6).Being a rich source of antioxidant chia seeds helps stabilize blood glucose levels and thereby preventing from heart diseases.

Sunflower Seeds: Added with vitamin E, selenium and copper , sunflower seeds are ‘a capsule’ of antioxidants.  Regular intake of  these seeds protect against cell damage and inflammation leading to healthier and younger you! Besides benefits on skin and internal health these seeds aids digestion, helps provide satiety due to presence of fiber.

Flax Seeds: or linseeds as they are sometimes known as are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids for vegetarians specially. The presence of this essential fat in flax seeds helps lower cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and protect against heart disease, diabetes and cancer. 1 Tbsp (15 g) of flax seed contain approx 2g of fiber making it a seed that aids weight loss, reduce blood pressure and promote digestion.

Now that we know how these seeds are valuable here are some of the ways whereby you can incorporate them to your daily diet:
-    Sprinkle of cereals and oat meal
-    Toss seeds in oven and add them to fresh salads
-    Crush and add it to fruit smoothies
-    Grind flax seeds and add to curries or dough
-    Germinate (by soaking at room temperature till it sprouts) and add to salad or fruit chats
-    Add roasted seeds to murmura and raosted channa to make healthy namkeen.

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