Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reaching for Snack: Are you really hungry or could you just be thirsty?

“I’m hungry” and the next thing even without thinking is we open the fridge to look for ready-to-eat foods (sausages,chocolates) at home or we happen to buy per-packaged snacks- read chips, biscuits, namkeen if still in office.

Are you really hungry or could you just be thirsty?

As a matter of fact most of us tend to confuse thirst and hunger, often mistaking thirst to 'be hungry'.This confusion exist as  symptoms of dehydration feeling weak, cranky and dizziness mimic those of hunger. Body's thirst mechanism is stimulated  even when a person is around 1-2 percent dehydrated. The hydration status is measured by change in body weight due to loss of water due to sweat. 

Feeling "hungry" to stay fit: Before you reach out for readily available snack do identify the signals your body is giving you.

Tip:  Upon the very first time you think your brain signalling hunger drink 250 ml (one glass) of plain water to distinguish thirst from hunger. Take 15 minutes before you decide. If you were actually thirsty and your brain was bluffing you, then you’ll feel satisfied.

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